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We empower businesses with intelligent automation for transformative results.

AJU QMS is a specialist company dedicated to intelligent business process automation. Starting with consultations to streamline a company's operations, we design, implement, run, oversee, and refine services. We manage the full IT spectrum for the AJU Group, covering infrastructure, solutions, and various services. Leveraging this expertise, we provide IT environment and process outsourcing services for leading domestic companies. Recognized as a partner with industry and domain expertise through various business process automation projects, AJU QMS offers evolved automation services using cutting-edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning.

  • CEO 강학동
  • Address 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 351 청남빌딩
  • Tel +82-2-2103-8900

IT / Domestic


Pioneering as Korea's first AI Managed Service Provider (AI MSP), we support businesses in AI adoption and offer tailored End-to-End services based on the latest technology.

COGNET9 is a specialized firm offering bespoke AI services. Our range extends from identifying AI use cases for corporate digital transformation to service planning, preparing training data, developing services, and overseeing their operation and management. Leveraging our enterprise AI service platform, PLUGNET, we support various services using multi-AI, as well as the development, operation, and improvement of corporate-specific AI models. Drawing from our experience in executing top domestic AI projects and our domain expertise, we offer various services like financial assistants, shopping buddies, employee support systems, and AI leftover analysis solutions. We are also recognized in the healthcare sector with our SmartCare platform. To remain nimble in the face of fast-changing technology, we delve into the latest tech trends, provide verified subscription-based solutions and services, and partner with diverse AI collaborators both domestically and globally. COGNET9: "You Talk, We Make" – your trusted ally in the AI journey.

  • CEO Kang Hak Dong
  • Address Cheongnam Bld., 351, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Tel 02-6956-0891