Construction Materials / Domestic


We create safe future living spaces through ceaseless innovation.

AJU Corporation, the parent company of AJU, is a construction materials specialist with ten factories, including seven ready-mix concrete operations in the Seoul metropolitan area, and a technical research institute. AJU Corporation leads in the production of ready-mix concrete, PHC piles (a foundational construction material capable of bearing loads in buildings and plants), and aggregate (a raw material for concrete). Leveraging its robust expertise and network in the construction materials sector, the company sources and distributes an extensive selection of both domestic and international products, such as steel, wood pellets, truck and construction machinery tires, and household appliances. Additionally, through Gongyeong Shipping, a 36,000㎡ sand-only port dedicated to marine aggregate sorting and washing sales, the company has secured a robust sales network in the southern Seoul metropolitan area and the Chungcheong region. With the vision of "pioneering change as a global leader for a happier future," AJU Corporation is committed to ensuring a joyful and sustainable future for all stakeholders through its dedicated ESG responsibilities and roles.

  • CEO Park Sang-il
  • Address Cheongnam Bld., 351, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul
  • Tel +82-2-3475-9700

Construction Materials / Domestic


We pioneer the future with customers through high-quality eco-friendly construction materials.

VCEM, a joint overseas venture between AJU Corporation and Singapore's S3, is a company specializing in producing eco-friendly construction materials, specifically ground granulated blast-furnace slag and blast-furnace slag cement. Known for its superior economic value, enhanced durability, and buildability, the high-quality blast-furnace slag cement — made by blending Portland cement with ground granulated blast-furnace slag (a byproduct from steel-making blast furnaces) — is gaining traction in the construction material market as an eco-conscious choice.

  • CEO Cheolhwan Lee
  • Address 194, Jungbong-daero, Seo-gu, Incheon
  • Tel +82-32-577-7591

Construction Materials / Overseas


We create future living spaces with cutting-edge technology and high quality.

AJU Vietnam, located in Dong Nai Province, is the first company in the domestic ready-mix concrete industry to produce concrete piles (PHC Piles) on an annual scale of 250,000 tons over an area of 98,280㎡, making it a strategic base in Southeast Asia. Situated near Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam's economic hub, AJU Vietnam supplies materials for housing, offices, factories, power plants, oil refineries, ports, and other significant SOC (Social Overhead Capital) projects, aiding Vietnam's economic growth. Moreover, with activities such as supporting local kindergarten construction and employee training, the company is also growing alongside the local community.

  • Tel 84-61-251-9642
  • Address Road 7A, Nhon Trach 2 IZ, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

Construction Materials / Overseas


We lead the Cambodian construction material market through continuous value creation.

AJU Cambodia commenced its operations in Phnom Penh by producing 56,000 tons of concrete utility poles annually. In response to the local construction surge in 2020, the company set up a new factory spanning 72,579㎡ in Ponhea Leu, Kandal Province, and subsequently relocated. This facility is equipped to supply an annual 120,000 tons of concrete piles (PHC) and both square and circular utility poles. Currently, the company is expanding its operations to include concrete pile installation, trading in electrical equipment such as utility pole accessories, and other building material trades, solidifying its position as a comprehensive construction material provider. Moving forward, AJU Cambodia aims to lead the Cambodian construction material market through continued business expansion.

  • 대표번호 855-77-810-929
  • 본사 St 51, Sras Por Village, Phsar Daek Commune, Ponhea Leu District, Kandal Province, Cambodia

Construction Materials / Overseas


We make global standards through advanced production technology and competitiveness.

AJU Myanmar is situated within the Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) near Yangon, which manages 85% of Myanmar's maritime imports and exports. Covering an area of 59,822㎡ and with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons, AJU Myanmar is a hub for producing concrete piles (PHC Piles) and square piles. It also produces precast concrete products, formed using molds, and manages pile installation. With AJU Vietnam and AJU Cambodia, AJU Myanmar stands as a cornerstone in the global strategy. With its advanced production technology and competitiveness, it is setting global standards in the Myanmar market and serving as a construction material supply base encompassing Southeast Asian nations.

  • Tel 95-094-0093-0700~2
  • Address Lot No. B-24 , Thilawa SEZ Zone A,Yangon Region, Myanmar