Finance / Domestic


We offer the best fund management results based on extensive experience, as South Korea's TOP INVESTMENT COMPANY

Established in 1974, AJU IB Investment is South Korea's first venture capital firm, representing the nation as a TOP Investment Company with a proven track record of 50 years. It manages alternative investment funds supporting companies throughout their entire lifecycle, from early start-ups to pre/post IPO stages, including VC investments and Buyout & PE investments. Over the past 20 years, they have established 63 funds, surpassing a cumulative managed fund of 3.2 trillion won, and successfully liquidating 38 funds, demonstrating both stability and profitability. Furthermore, they have established a vast LP network comprising over 90 top-tier domestic institutional investors. In 2021, they were the pioneers in South Korea to endorse the TCFD and embrace an ESG investment approach, setting the standard for a sustainable venture ecosystem. With vast experience and expertise, AJU IB Investment continues to strive for greater growth through ongoing change and innovation.

  • CEO Jiwon Kim
  • Address AJU Bld., 201, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Tel +82-2-3451-9200

Finance / Overseas


We nurture investment companies to success, enhancing their value, and paving the way for a brighter future.

Solasta Ventures was established when AJU IB Investment incorporated its Americas office, which was set up in 2013, in 2019. From its headquarters in Boston, it focuses on pharmaceutical and biotech startups, while the Silicon Valley branch centers on sectors such as AI, cloud, big data, robotics, and autonomous driving. With active networking and co-investments with local venture capitals and companies, they have shown impressive investment results. By June 2023, they have discovered investments in 38 companies, with 19 of them being listed on NASDAQ. Solasta Ventures acts as a bridge between American startups and Korean companies, solidifying its position as a recognized Korean VC in the US.

  • CEO Derek Yoon
  • Address Prudential Tower 800 Boylston St., Suite 2510 Boston, MA 02199
  • Tel +1 617-391-0403