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AJU Corporation

R&D Center

Researchers with the master's and doctoral degrees perform excellent research results by publishing various domestic and foreign papers and registering patents every year through performance improvement work on various concrete-related products and R&D of new products. Also, the company is preparing for the future by introducing the concept of open innovation for the Fourth Industrial era and converging with other sectors. In addition to the research on concrete with various designs, colors, and shapes, we are also conducting research and developing a compression strength prediction system and concrete hydration heat monitoring system. In addition, we are developing integrated solutions for the construction industry by researching smart factories and smart construction areas, such as stabilizing production quality by utilizing various sensors.


Company R&D Center

MTCom is continuously conducting research and development at the company’s R&D center for AI innovation. There are experts from various fields such as computer vision, natural language processing, voice recognition, and cognitive science at the R&D Center, and we are studying AI to help society by using know-how and technology based on their passion and efforts.

AJU Corporation / MTCom /

Awards in Technical Contests

AJU Corporation has demonstrated its excellent technical skills through long experience and endless experiments, including winning the “2019 Concrete Technology Contest” hosted by Korea Institute of Construction and Living Environmental Testing, “2019 Construction Cycle Resource Conference,” and the Minister's Award for the "2018 Pinstripers’ Day.”

MTCom is developing its algorithm development capability as a specialized AI company by being the only team to win two gold medals in the “2019 AI R&D Grand Challenge Competition” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

AJU Autorium has outstanding maintenance skills, participating as Korea’s representative at the “Volvo International Service Training Award (VISTA)” and ranking second among Asian countries.

AJU Corporation

Excellent Partner

AJU Corporation has been selected as an excellent partner by Halla Corporation and GS Engineering & Construction for technology development, high-quality products and timely delivery time management despite the rapidly changing construction environment. In the process of delivering materials such as ready-mixed concrete and PHC piles, customer satisfaction is the first priority, and we are maintaining mutual trust with customers by strict supply and demand management and excellent quality.


Best Service Advisor

AJU Networks always thinks “if I were the customer” first then acts when communicating with customers. The company has earned the most Gold Stars, the best grade in customer evaluation, at the “Retailer of the Year (hereafter referred to as ROTY)” hosted by Jaguar Land Rover Korea, and won the “Best Service Advisor” award for the second consecutive year at "2017/18 ROTY” and “2018/19 ROTY.”

RYSE, Autograph Collection

Sneakers Concierge Service

RYSE, Autograph Collection is operating the “Sneakers Concierge” service for the first time in the domestic hotel industry for customer satisfaction. Through the “Sneakers Concierge” service, which not only provides information on sneaker trends to customers, but finds and buys sneakers directly, we identify each customer's preferences and provide customers with services that were not previously available to them.