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AJU Corporation Construction Materials

We create a safe future living space through constant innovation.

AJU Corporation, AJU's parent company, is a construction materials company that has 10 construction materials factories and R&D centers, including seven ready-mixed concrete factories in the Seoul metropolitan area. AJU Corporation is leading the field of ready-mixed concrete, the basis of construction, PHC pile, which is the basic construction material to withstand the load in the lower part of the building and plant, and aggregate, a raw material for concrete. Utilizing its excellent competence and network, the company imports and distributes a wide range of products such as steel, wood pellets, trucks/construction machine tires, home appliances, etc domestically and internationally. Also, the company has secured a strong sales network in the southern metropolitan area and Chungcheong provinces through kongyounghaeun, a 36,000㎡ sand pier, which operates sea aggregate screening and a washing business. In addition, the company provides reliable products thorough quality control and customer satisfaction management. It is also taking the lead in developing high-performance premium concrete called Green-Wox and various eco-friendly construction materials.