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New Pioneer
2019 2010
  • 2019.12 Acquired ‘Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles’
  • 2019.10 Acquired ‘Hyatt Place New York’ and
    ‘Hyatt Herald Square New York’
  • 2019.07  Expanded Overseas Financial Service Market:
    Established ‘Solasta Ventures’ and San Francisco Branch
  • 2018.12 Acquired ‘The Embassy Row Hotel’
  • 2018.11 Opened ‘Cheongnam Park’ in Gureungsan Mountain in Jungnang District, Seoul Opened ‘Cheongnam Park’
  • 2018.11 Aju IB Investment listed on KOSDAQ Aju IB Investment listed on KOSDAQ
  • 2018.05 Aju Auto Service merged into Aju Motors
  • 2018.04 Opened ‘RYSE, Autograph Collection’ Opened RYSE, Autograph Collection
  • 2018.03 Acquired 'AC Hotel Bellevue'
  • 2018.01 Advanced into Overseas Construction Material Market:
    Established Myanmar subsidiary
    Established Myanmar subsidiary
  • 2017.08 Opened ‘Aju Good Dream Center’ Opened ‘Aju Good Dream Center’
  • 2017.06 Acquired ‘The Westin San Jose’
  • 2017.05 Expanded IT Business : Acquired MTCom
  • 2016.09 Expanded Construction Materials Business (Marine sand mining business):
    Acquired Kongyounghaeun
  • 2016.06 Aju Suwon Autoservice merged with Aju Autonetworks, Changed name to Aju Autoservice
  • 2015.09 Aju IT merged with Prosociety, Changed name to Aju QMS
  • 2015.04 Attained Volvo Dealership, Established Aju Autorium Attained Volvo Dealership, Established Aju Autorium
  • 2015.01 Expanded Overseas Hotel Business:
    Acquired Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley
  • 2014.01 Advanced into Hotel Business Overseas:
    Acquired DoubleTree by Hilton Dallas – Market Center
  • 2013.09 Introduced New HR Management System "Talent 3.0," and Abolished the Seniority and Rank System
  • 2013.03 Established Aju Networks, Attained Dealership of Jaguar and Land Rover Established Aju Networks
  • 2013.01 Advanced into to Import Auto Parts Sales & Distribution Business:
    Established Aju Autonetworks
  • 2012.11 Advanced into to Automobile Maintenance Business:
    Established Aju Suwon Autoservice
     Established Aju Suwon Autoservice
  • 2012.02 Acquired Aju Savings Bank (formerly Hanaro Savings Bank)
  • 2011.11 Established Aju Global UK
  • 2011.07 Acquired Aju Geotec
  • 2010.11 Established Aju Asset Management
  • 2010.07 Advanced into Overseas Construction Material Market:
    Established Cambodia subsidiary
Change and Innovation
2009 2000
  • 2009.09 Aju Motors Became the General Distributor of GM Korea
  • 2009.06 Aju Capital Listed on the Korean Stock Exchange
  • 2008.02 Advanced into Venture Capital and Private Equity Management Business:
    Acquired Aju IB Investment (formerly Kibo Capital)
  • 2008.02 Expanded Construction Materials Business Overseas:
    Established Aju Vietnam
    Established Aju Vietnam
  • 2007.06 Advanced into to Real Estate Development Business:
    Established Aju Frontier
  • 2007.03 Declared New Vision of ‘Global Leader Bringing Innovation for Happier Future' Declared New Vision
  • 2007.02 Spun-off Aju Auto Rental, Aju Rental, Aju L&F
  • 2006.11 Advanced into to Auto Sales and Distribution Business:
    Established Aju Motors
  • 2005.06 Advanced into to Consumer Finance Business:
    Acquired Aju Capital (formerly Daewoo Capital)
  • 2002.08 Established VCEM Materials, an Overseas Joint Venture Established VCEM Materials
  • 2000.12 Expanded Hotel Business:
    Acquired Hyatt Regency Jeju
    Acquired Hyatt Regency Jeju
Growth and Development
1999 1960
  • 1999.11 Advanced into to IT business:
    Established Aju IT
  • 1997.11 Advanced into to Investment Business:
    Established Aju Technology Investment
  • 1987.08 Advanced into to Hotel Business:
    Acquired Hotel Seokyo
    Acquired Hotel Seokyo
  • 1987.03 Established Aju Remicon (Ready-mix Concrete)
  • 1960.09 Established Aju Corporation and Advanced into to Construction Materials Industry >Established Aju Corporation