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Thank you for your generous support.

For over 60 years, AJU has been working hard to develop its members and customers,
as well as society and nation based on its founding principle of ‘Pioneer Spirit’.

From building materials to hotels, finance, automobile distribution, and IT,
we have continued to challenge new growth industries, creating new value through constant change and innovation.

In addition, we have been expanding beyond Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar,
to the United States, including Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston.

Based on the "virtuous circle of happiness," which means that our customers can be happy
if the members of the company are happy first, and our society can also be happy if our customers are happy,
we promise to communicate honestly with all stakeholders and become a sustainable company with a long-term vision.

Also, as a global leader bringing innovation for a happy future,
we will never stop taking a step toward reaching the far-sighted success.

Please continue to support us with interest and love.

Chairman, Kyu-young Moon