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AJU Happy Global Village

AJU Happy Global Village is a global social contribution activity that supports children and young people in countries with poor educational environments, so that they can dream and open a happier future. Each year, AJU's volunteer tem, consisting of more than 20 executives and employees each year, supports activities to improve the educational environment of children and youth in Southeast Asia. In particular, in cooperation with the Vietnamese and Cambodian governments, we are delivering dreams and hopes to children through various activities such as renovation of school facilities, opening of libraries, planting fruit trees, digging wells, and painting old exterior walls.


Cheongnam Park

Originating in Jungnang District in Seoul, AJU donated the land around Gureungsan in Sinnae-dong on two occasions in 2013 and 2015 for regional development and 1 billion won in 2016 for the park construction fund. The park was named after the penname of the founder Tae Shik Moon (Cheongnam), and the place with the lack of proper hiking trails but with illegal facilities was rebuilt as “children’s space for nature experience” and “resting and healing space for the residents.”


Mecenat Activity

We have been sponsoring the “Seoul Spring Chamber Music Festival,” a classical music festival representing Seoul, for eight years. In addition, we have been supporting the violinist Lim Ji-young, who won first place in the world-renowned “Queen Elisabeth Competition” every month since 2016. In the future, we will continue to carry out Mecenat activities that support funds and facilities for cultural and artistic activities.

AJU Corporation

Green product development and environmental certification

To prepare for the future, we are conducting research and developing technologies that recycle by-products from steel and power plants, and have received the green technology certification for PHC pile manufacturing technology that recycled slow-cooling blast furnace slag.

RYSE, Autograph Collection /

Zero Project

RYSE, Autograph Collection and The Shore Hotel Jeju are committed to reducing the use of disposable products, the main culprit of environmental pollution. Under the ZERO Project, RYSE and Autograph Collection practices unnecessary waste reduction of amenities like cork-material coasters, self-production of tumblers to reduce paper cup use by employees, and electronic payment process to prevent paper waste. The Shore Hotel Jeju is making various efforts to replace existing plastic straws with eco-friendly sugar cane.

AJU Corporation

Community Security Council

We are conducting welfare programs for the security consultative group to coexist with the community. In 2018, the company mobilized about 100 tons of ready-mixed concrete vehicles to supply 600 tons of water to nearby farms that were affected by the severe drought. In 2019, the company conducted social contribution activities to deliver food to handicapped neighbors twice a month.


Love Volunteer Club

The Shore Hotel Jeju runs the “Love Volunteer Club,” an in-house volunteer activity group. We conduct activities such as mural painting in villages, wall papering for low-income families, meal service for the recipients of basic living and the elderly living alone, and serving food for free.

AJU Corporation /
RYSE, Autograph Collection

Community Clean Up Program

AJU Corporation voluntarily takes the lead and cleans up garbage thrown around each business site. The RYSE, Autograph Collection, in consultation with Mapo District Office, cleans up various garbage items and cigarette butts thrown on the streets of Hongdae during the night.