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Position title system

We value horizontal communication within the organization. In order to develop collective intelligence through discussion and create more creative ideas, we operate a rank system of 2 levels for employees and 3 levels for executives based on the ways in which employees work. (Manager - Leader - Executive - Senior Executive - CEO)


AJU D.I.Y Time

AJU D.I.Y Time, a flexible work system in which each employee has the authority and responsibility for time management, is implemented to improve work efficiency and productivity. The abbreviation for ‘Design It Yourself’ means that each affiliate is free to adopt the optional/elastic working hours and time-out systems in consideration of their jobs and individual characteristics. In addition, by utilizing the system, we can input working hours regardless of place, and we support the planning and execution of working schedules according to individual work styles.


Talent Development System

We operate the “AJU Talent Development System” so that employees can continue to grow in the organization. We are actively supporting training courses categorized into 'Leadership' and 'Job' so that we can learn the leadership competencies necessary for each role and examine the career development necessary for employees and grow as leaders and professionals in the future.


Working methods and performance management

We communicate horizontally with peers, coached by leaders, and pursue a “question-learning-discussion” form of work. With a performance management system that supports the process of improving performance through everyday tasks, efficient frequent evaluation and continuous feedback through work is possible. We can also use a performance management system called “WorkFeed” to manage goals, assign collaborators to communicate with colleagues, and share work.


Ethical Management

AJU established the Ethics Committee and Ethics Center after declaring ethics management in 2004 for a company transparent and trusted by customers, and implemented ethical codes and practice guidelines. Every year, all of our members carry out an ethics pledge, and we share ethics with our business partners and interdependent with our competitors by setting it as the first principle of action for executives and employees.


Breakfast Seminar/Insight Forum

“AJU breakfast seminar” is a program that provides insights to members by inviting scholars and entrepreneurs to pay attention to the issues presented by the times on the topics of economics, management, corporate culture, and industry trends. The "AJU Insight Forum" is a lecture program designed to bring new perspectives to what we have taken for granted in our daily lives through expert lectures and question-and-answer sessions, providing a chance for any member of AJU to participate and gain new experiences in various fields.

AJU Corporation / AJU GEOTEC


“Rainbow,” an innovation process introduced for ANT management, which is a way of working for the people settled as an innovation culture in the construction materials business by motivating employees' innovation activities. Based on curiosity about their work, the company actively supports and rewards the ideas the employees propose in the actual work environment, thus promoting voluntary creativity among our members.

AJU Corporation

Happiness with 10,000 Won

The "Happiness with 10,000 Won" campaign, first launched in December 2006, is a campaign to raise donations by deducting 10,000 won from the salaries of AJU Corporation members every month, and to use the money not only for their members, but also for the loss of employees of their suppliers and affiliates, and community contributions.

AJU Corporation

Reading Debate

With the aim of promoting communication between executives and managers and strengthening their capacities through reading, one facilitator executive and five new managers freely exchange opinions on the contents of books. As a member of AJU pursuing growth through innovation, such as how to apply the lessons learned through books, we are establishing the right attitude and ideas about change.