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RYSE, Autograph Collection Hotel

We offer new cultures and inspirations that have never before experienced in all spaces.

RYSE, Autograph Collection is a space that combines Hongdae's youthful and energetic street culture with the brand value of the Marriott International’s “Autograph Collection.” Michaelis Boyd, the globally known design and architecture company, participated in interior design, and the space was created in collaboration with influential artists and brands from all over the world. There are 274 guest rooms in six different types, and the four artist suites in which Korean and foreign artists participated for the interior design are decorated with different concepts to each other and best illustrate the collaboration pursued by RYSE, Autograph Collection. In every space of RYSE, Autograph Collection, you can experience a new culture and inspiration that you have never experienced before, and it is becoming a landmark of the Hongdae area.