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Global Leader Bringing Innovation for a Happier Future

In the past half-century, Aju has made great accomplishments with a pioneer spirit that goes beyond limitations and with strength to put plans into action. Celebrating our 55th year, we strive to reach 100 years of success through fulfilling the dreams of all our stakeholders. Keeping our founding philosophy close to our heart, we commit to grow together with our stakeholders than to seek only our interests. As global leaders bringing innovation for a happier future, we are committed to being recognized as a great corporation by our customers, employees, and the society, and move forward into an even greater 50 years.


Global Leader Bringing Innovation
for a Happier Future

  • Our Strategy to Implement the Vistion

    Culture and Policies
    Promote innovation in corporate culture and policies with strong passion and an ability to execute
    Goods and Services
    Develop market-leading goods and services through creative thinking and a spirit that embraces new challenges
  • Our Values To Be Delivered

    To the Customers
    Convenience and Usefulness
    To the Employees
    A pleasant working environment to realize dreams and goals
    To the Shareholders
    Stable returns and Differentiated Corporate Values
    To the Society
    Prosperity and Happiness
  • Growth Objectives, Vision for the Future

    Global Standard
    Become a leading company beyond Korea to meet the requirements in professionalism and business practices for today’s global era.
    Sustainable Growth
    Achieve sustainable growth through employees, organization, and management system reflecting global leadership