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Leaping Forward with the Pioneer Spirit that Makes the Impossible Possible

For over 50 years, Aju Group has been devoted to finding new paths and challenging new opportunities. Aju will always be your partner for life as a company that leads lifestyle and culture by bringing new values to life.

Key Milestones

Aju successfully transitioned from manufacturing to a higher value-added industry. We will continue to innovate and challenge ourselves to become a “global leader that pioneers changes for a better future”

New Pioneer
  • 2018.03

    Acquired 'AC Hotel Bellevue'

  • 2018.04

    Opened RYSE, Autograph Collection

  • 2018.05

    AJU Auto Service merged into AJU Motors

  • 2017.05

    Acquired MTCom

  • 2016.06

    Aju Suwon Autoservice merged with Aju Autonetworks, Changed name to Aju Autoservice

  • 2016.09

    Expanded Construction Materials Business (Marine sand mining business) : Acquired Kongyounghaeun

  • 2015.01

    Expanded Overseas Hotel Business: Acquired Holiday Inn San Jose – Silicon Valley

  • 2015.01

    Attained Volvo Dealership, Established Aju Autorium

  • 2015.09

    Aju IT merged with Prosociety, Changed name to Aju QMS

  • 2014.01

    Advanced into Hotel Business Overseas: Acquired DoubleTree by Hilton Dallas – Market Center

  • 2013.01

    Advanced into to Import Auto Parts Sales & Distribution Business: Established Aju Autonetworks

  • 2013.03

    Established Aju Networks, Attained Dealership of Jaguar and Land Rover

  • 2013.09

    Introduced New HR Management System "Talent 3.0," and Abolished the Seniority and Rank System

  • 2012.02

    Acquired Aju Savings Bank (formerly Hanaro Savings Bank)

  • 2012.11

    Advanced into to Automobile Maintenance Business: Established Aju Suwon Autoservice

  • 2011.07

    Acquired Aju Geotec

  • 2011.11

    Established Aju Global UK

  • 2010.11

    Established Aju Asset Management

Awards & Accolades

Founding Chairman Tae Shik Moon - Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal
Aju Capital - Korea Service Grand Award by Korean Standards Association for 5 Consecutive Years
Chairman Kyuyoung Moon – ‘Grand Prize for CEO of the Year 2014’ from Korean Marketing Association
Aju Capital- Presidential Prize on Consumer Rights Day
Aju Corporation - Presidential Prize for Innovation in Manufacturing from National Quality Management Conference
Chairman Kyuyoung Moon - Golden Tower Medal of Honor from National Quality Management Conference
Chairman Kyuyoung Moon - Grand Prize from Korea Quality Management Awards 2008
Aju Corporation - Presidential Prize from National Quality Management Conference
Chairman Kyuyoung Moon - CEO of the Year from Korea Management Association
Aju Corporation –Tin Tower Medal on the 41st Taxpayers’ Day

In the 2000’s, Aju began to expand our business based on our founding principle of the Pioneer Spirit. Starting with the acquisition of the Hyatt Regency Jeju, we expanded to diverse areas of business, including credit finance and automobile distribution, to establish ourselves as a successful mid-sized group company.

Change and Innovation
  • 2009.06

    Aju Capital Listed on the Korean Stock Exchange

  • 2009.09

    Aju Motors Became the General Distributor of GM Korea

  • 2008.02

    Advanced into Venture Capital and Private Equity Management Business: Acquired Aju IB Investment (formerly Kibo Capital)

  • 2008.02

    Expanded Construction Materials Business Overseas: Established Aju Vietnam

  • 2007.02

    Spun-off Aju Auto Rental, Aju Rental, Aju L&F

  • 2007.03

    Declared New Vision of ‘Global Leader Bringing Innovation for Happier Future'

  • 2007.06

    Advanced into to Real Estate Development Business: Established Aju Frontier

  • 2006.11

    Advanced into to Auto Sales and Distribution Business: Established Aju Motors

  • 2005.06

    Advanced into to Consumer Finance Business: Acquired Aju Capital (formerly Daewoo Capital)

  • 2002.08

    Established VCEM Materials, an Overseas Joint Venture

  • 2000.12

    Expanded Hotel Business: Acquired Hyatt Regency Jeju

In 1960, Founder and Honorary Chairman Tae Shik Moon founded Aju Corporation with the belief that companies can help rebuild the national economy from the ruins of war. Aju contributed to the supply of electricity in Korea by localizing concrete utility poles to replace import wood poles, leading the development of construction material in Korea. We began to diversify our business in 1983 with the expansion to the ready-mixed concrete business, followed by the acquisition of Hotel Seogyo and establishment of Aju Research and Aju IT.

Growth and Development
  • 1999.11

    Advanced into to IT business: Established Aju IT

  • 1997.11

    Advanced into to Investment Business: Established Aju Technology Investment

  • 1987.03

    Established Aju Remicon (Ready-mix Concrete)

  • 1987.08

    Advanced into to Hotel Business: Acquired Hotel Seokyo

  • 1960.09

    Established Aju Corporation and Advanced into to Construction Materials Industry