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The Pioneer Spirit

Tae Shik Moon (1928.02~2014.12), Founding Chairman

A visionary entrepreneur.
With great foresight into the future, he was a true entrepreneur who never ceased to pioneer and take chances.

Tae Shik Moon, the founder of Aju, was a visionary entrepreneur. Born a farmer’s son, he started his first business trading farming tools in his youth. He recognized the socio-economic environment of Japanese colonization of Korea and the liberation to follow and conceived business ideas to help rebuild the country. He began trading cement in the 1950s, and in the 1960s he came up with the idea to replace wood utilities poles with concrete poles, which became the basis of Aju Corporation today.

  • Founding Principle ‘Pioneer Spirit’

    The Pioneer Spirit is the management philosophy of our founder Tae Shik Moon and the foundation of the Aju Spirit. Based on the Pioneer Spirit, Aju practices business development that contributes to the nation and society, new value creation through change and innovation, and capacity building for sustainable growth.

  • A Trusted, Respected Company

    Our founding chairman Tae Shik Moon believed that a company should make a lot of profit through good business, and that much of that profit should be given back to society. He believed that since the company is empowered by all the stakeholders and plays an influential role in the local community, the company should give back to society by creating a good working environments and creating jobs.

    In 2013, Tae Shik Moon donated $40 million worth of assets to Jungnang-gu, the neighborhood where Aju got its start (Named one of “48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia-Pacific” by Forbes in 2013)

    In 2017, Tae Shik Moon was posthumously awarded the Order of Civil Merit, Camellia Medal

Tae Shik Moon Founding Chairman history




  • 1928.02 : 출생
  • 1941.02 : 서울 대창학원 졸업
  • 1943.12 : 대신상업전수학교 졸업
  • 1946.03 : 혜화전문(現 동국대학교)사학과 졸업
  • 1953.03 : 시멘트 수입업인 아주시멘트산업상사 창립
  • 1960.09 : 콘크리트 전주제조 업체인 아주산업 창설
  • 1965.03 : 한국원심력공업협회조합 이사장으로 취임
  • 1984 : 아주산업 회장
  • 1987 : 호텔서교 인수
  • 1994 : 신사옥(청남빌딩) 준공
  • 2004 : 아주 명예회장

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