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Going Beyond 50 years to Build a Centurial Vision and Dream Together with Our Customers

First of all, I would like to thank all of our customers for your love and support.

For the past 50 years, Aju has been working hard to contribute to our nation's growth based on our founding philosophy 'pioneer spirit.' In pioneering new paths and bringing winning results, our goal has always been achieving sustainable growth while making our customers happy who has given us continuous trust and loyalty.

As a result, Aju expanded its business from its initial start in construction materials, into distribution of automobiles, hotels, real estate development and natural resources, and it is continuing its expansion efforts to enter into another great 50 years.

In 2010, Aju declared its new vision of ‘Global Leader Bringing Innovation for Happier Future,' and with the ultimate goal of giving happiness for all stakeholders, we have selected talent, respect, innovation, passion and growth as our core values. Keeping these values close to our heart, we will continue to put our best efforts to grow as a respectable organization.

We believe that a corporation can achieve continuous growth only when customers are fully satisfied, and that customers are satisfied only when employees are satisfied. This is the key to the virtuous cycle of happiness that we emphasize at Aju. In the same sense, our growth during the past half-century has been a great joy and a great gift given to us by our customers and employees.

Aju will continue to do its best to build dream and vision together with our customers to achieve successful 100 years and more, and I would like to kindly ask for your continued love and support

Thank you.

Obtained Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Assist (Seoul School of Integrated Sciences & Technologies)
Completed course at Wharton-KMA CEO Institute (Korea Management Association)
Completed 4T CEO Program at aSSIST
Sogang Top Executive Program (STEP) at Sogang University
Graduated from Korea University
Graduated from Whimoon High School
2014. 01
Appointed President of Korea University Business Club
2012. 01
Appointed President of Korea University Business Club
2011. 01
Appointed President of Korea Marketing Club
2009. 02
Appointed President of Alumni Association for the 1st class of Wharton-KMA CEO Institute
2008. 02
Appointed Executive Director of Korea-Japan Economic Association
2007. 03
Appointed Chairman of Top Executive Education Committee at Korea Management Association
2005. 03
Appointed President of Korea China Friendship Association
2005. 01
Appointed President of Alumni Association for the 1st class of Sogang Top Executive Program (STEP) at Sogang University
2004. 01
Appointed President of Aju Corporation
2002. 05
Appointed President of Korea China Economy Association
1997. 03
Served consecutive terms as the President of Korea Ready Mixed Concrete Industry Association
1983. 02
Appointed Director of Aju Corporation
2015. 03
2014 CEO of the Year – Grand Prize (Korea Marketing Association)
2013. 05
Korea CEO Awards – Grand Prize (Korea CEO Academy)
2008. 11
34th National Quality Management Awards – Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit (Korea Standards Association)
2008. 05
2008 Korea Quality Management Awards – Grand Prize (Korean Society for Quality Management)
2007. 04
39th Korea Executive Award (Korea Management Association)