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Social Contribution

Making a Better World with our Warm Share and Care

Aiming to be an appreciated and a trustworthy organization, all affiliates of Aju implement various social contribution projects that are more specialized and strategic. We participate in projects by contributing useful skills related to each of our industry as we take our core values such as talent, respect, and growth into account. With main contribution projects reflecting each industry of Aju, we foster hope and happiness of societies throughout the world.

Social Contribution Projects of Aju Affiliates

Contribution activities carried out by affiliated companies of Aju are hands-on volunteer projects in which executives and employees select their own approaches in making contributions. Aju’s volunteer team, founded in 2006, has been doing its utmost in supporting disadvantaged communities, and the experiences of helping and witnessing change has been rewarding. Through our renowned projects such as Aju Corporation’s ‘Green City,’ Aju Capital’s ‘Aju Financial Education,’ and Aju QMS’s ‘Aju Easy IT,’ we have also been able to witness positive change and reactions from the community.

Aju Corporation ‘Green City’,

We care about the environment

AJU Corporation launched 'Green-wox', an eco-friendly ready-mixed concrete brand, and is contributing to environmental protection and community development through its social contribution brand 'Green City,’ started in 2008. Providing beauty to the gray-monotone concrete structures such as concrete walls and public buildings to help cultivate the aesthetic minds of local residents, the company is active with the employees’ book donation campaign in connection with Beautiful Store and supported water supplies from concrete-mixer vehicles to overcome local agricultural drought.

Aju QMS,

We provide easy methods to learn IT skills.

'AJU Easy IT' is a social contribution activity of AJU QMS which aims to prevent educational alienation of the underprivileged by educating multicultural families, low-income families, and NGO practitioners on basic PC usage in daily life. In 2009, it launched its first social contribution activity by supporting Guro District Childcare Information Center. The company has provided computer education to Multicultural Families Support Center in Gangjin-gun of Jeonnam Province and Thought Tree B.B Center in Jungnang-gu of Seoul and has also donated personal computers to these institutions. In 2014, the company donated computers, desks, chairs, a projector and a screen to Youth World, established by the Seocho District Bangbae Youth Centre, and opened an "AJU Easy IT Study Room" to help underprivileged youth learn information technology skills. In addition, by providing basic IT training (Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and program coding) as well as computer skills certification training for young people, the company has made efforts to reduce computer skills gaps and prevent educational alienation of the underprivileged.

Hyatt Regency Jeju,

We care for our local residents and community.

The purpose of Hyatt is to care for people so they can be their best. We do this by truly seeing people and getting to know them as unique individuals, so we can design and deliver personal experiences. With such a mind, Hyatt Regency Jeju is actively involved in the social contribution activities of Hyatt Thrive with the voluntary participation of the employees. The company makes talent donations and provides charitable funds every year to organizations that need help and actively participates in environmental protection activities for the local environment. In addition, Teoulim, a member of Hyatt Regency Jeju Volunteer Corps, is recommended every year by Citizens Center for delivering oil for heating and rice to neighbors in need and is carrying out love-sharing activities such as love rice supply vehicle, senior welfare center service, and paintings for the community facilities.