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Aju Welfare Foundation

The core of our corporation’s existence lives
in our nation and society

Aju Welfare Foundation is a social welfare foundation that strives to improve the lives of the underprivileged around the world. Staying true to Aju’s management philosophy of contributing to our nation and society for the happiness of all, we strive to provide various specialized welfare services for those in need. Through our welfare services, we are dedicated to help those who are in poor surroundings to have greater ambitions and obtain a brighter future. In particular, we have jump-started social initiatives that aim to support youth development and provide emergency aid to vulnerable social groups.

Aju Welfare Foundation’s Vision System

사회적 취약계층(어린이 및 청소년)의 ‘꿈과 행복’을 위해 ‘나눔’을 실천하는 재단
국가와 사회에 기여하며 공동의 행복을 추구하기 위해 사회적 책임을 다 해야한다는 아주의 경영철학을 바탕으로 어려운 국내외 이웃들을 찾아 다양하고 체계화된 복지서비스를 지원함으로써 수혜자들이 미래에 대한 꿈을 키우고, 더 행복한 미래를 열어가도록 기여합니다.
‘아주 특별한 나눔’아주 특별하게 나누는 사랑으로 세상을 행복하게 합니다.

“Aju Happy Story – Aju Happiness on Paper”

A whitepaper on social contribution published in commemoration of the 10th
Anniversary of Aju Welfare Foundation

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  1. AJU Good Dream Center

    AJU Good Dream Center, which was established at the birth place of late Cheongnam Moon Tae-shik, the founder of AJU Group, is an educational and cultural center for children and young people of the community. AJU Good Dream Center, which opened on August 1, 2017, provides a variety of programs for children and adolescents in the region such as a dream-search program, study guidance, and athletic activity program so that they can develop dreams and a hopeful future. It is working to support the growth of more and more children by running Dream Search Program and the Personality Education Program with dispatched career education lecturers in regional well-being institutions. Along with buildings with the inside designed to be a small library as a local friendly facility where anyone can stay with books, the center offers a variety of reading programs to local residents so that they can become more interested in reading and develop proper reading habits.
  2. Aju Happy Study Room

    AJU Happy Study Room is an educational support project that provides various learning programs such as after-school tutoring, mentoring support, character development, and cultural experience to low-income families who lack quality learning opportunities due to economic conditions. Since 2007, the company has been operating AJU Happy Study Room in Woomyeong-dong in cooperation with local welfare organizations and has been supporting children in various ways, not only through basic child care but also through the dream-search program that helps children prepare for the future themselves and realize their dreams.
  3. Aju Happy Global Village

    With the commitment to improve the lives of the underprivileged around the world, we have launched a global contribution project titled Aju Happy Global Village. The project strives to help children and adolescents facing an opportunity divide due to poor surroundings to seize opportunities and have greater ambitions. Implemented in various countries in and around Southeast Asia, our volunteer team consisting of approximately 20 executives and employees, travels overseas each year to improve the environment for education. In particular, in cooperation with the government of Vietnam and Cambodia, we are engaged in various activities such as repairing school facilities, establishing libraries, planting trees, constructing wells, and painting crumbling outer walls.
  4. Aju Special Trip

    In 2006, AJU started a special walk with severely disabled children’s parents to give strength and hope to them. Every year, it runs a leisure resort program for mothers with severely disabled children living in the country to have times of relaxation and rejuvenation. It also provides laughter therapy, expert group counseling, and parent education on lifelong measures for children with disabilities. For 10 years, from 2006 to 2017, a total of 18 sessions were held and 367 mothers participated. The company regularly holds meetings and form communities for information exchange and fellowship among participants and continues to practice communication and sharing.
  5. Flint of Love

    The Flint of Love, which has run every year since 2005, is AJU’s social contribution activity for longevity that sends briquettes or Kimchi to low-income families living in various parts of the country including Seoul, Incheon, Gwangju, and Jeju. Every year about 300 volunteers from AJU supports those in need throughout the country, providing 840,000 briquettes in the past 13 years and spending warm-hearted winters with disaffected people.
  6. Other Contributions

    Along with our various contribution projects, Aju Welfare Foundation has been supporting the emergency response efforts of humanitarian organizations by making donations at home and abroad. We have participated in the relief efforts of Taean oil spill disaster and Sichuan earthquake in 2008, and also reached out to the victims of Tohoku earthquake in Japan of 2011, Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines of 2013, Sewol Ferry incident in Korea of 2014, and the victims of Kathmandu earthquake in Nepal of 2015. Approximately 1,500 executives and staff of Aju Corporation, Aju Capital, and other affiliated companies, have raised funds in order to provide emergency aid supplies and make donations through organizations such as Korea National Red Cross.
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 30 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Gangwon Province
  • Donated Phù Đức Elementary School in Vinh Long, Vietnam
  • opened of 41 mini-libraries usig old public telephone booths in jungnang-gu
  • Held “Flint of Love” with nationwide Aju employees, delivering 58,000 briquettes
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 30 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Gyeongnam Province
  • Provided medical supplies to Hebron Hospital and donated library to 짝응레 Middle and High School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Donated emergency relief fund for Nepal (Korean Red Cross)
  • Held “Aju Special Charity Bazaar” to help improve Aju Happy Study Room
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 30 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Gwangju
  • Donated library to Thuglak Elementary School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Held “Flint of Love” with nationwide Aju employees, delivering 70,000 briquettes
  • Launched “Emergency Medical Expense Project”
  • Launched project to build 100 toilets in 11 schools in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Provided food kit worth $100,000 to 1,000 single elderly households for the New Year
  • Awarded recognition by Head of Seocho-gu for contributing to the lives of children and teenagers
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Seoul Tour” with 16 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Jeolla Province
  • Held “Flint of Love” with Aju employees and families, supplying 83,400 briquettes
  • Green Film Classroom for Children
  • Launched “Art Therapy Project” for students of Aju Happy Study Room
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 24 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Seoul metropolitan area
  • Donated $100,000 emergency relief fund for victims of earthquake in Japan (Korean Red Cross)
  • Opened 2nd Aju Happy Study Room in Bangbae-dong, Seoul
  • Opened 3rd Aju Happy Study Room in Samjeong-dong, Bucheon
  • Held “Aju Special Day Camp” for students of Aju Dream Scholarship
  • Held “I Love Santa” year-end party for students of Aju Happy Study Room
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 24 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Seoul metropolitan area
  • Held “Flint of Love” providing 83,300 briquettes and kimchi for 100 low-income households
  • Expanded Carnation Project to 4,000 elderly in 11 welfare centers nationwide
  • Held “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 15 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Seoul
  • Volunteered for damage restoration after the oil spill off the coast of Taean
  • Awarded recognition by Minister of Health and Welfare on Social Welfare Day
  • Opened 1st Aju Happy Study Room in Umyeon-dong, Seoul
  • First overseas volunteer work building new classrooms for Vietnamese children at 빙땅 Kindergarten
  • Held opening ceremony for Aju Volunteer Group
  • Launched “Aju Dream Scholarship Project” supporting 70 middle and high school students nationwide
  • Held “Flint of Love” providing heating fuel and briquettes to 70 households in Seocho-gu
  • Launched “Aju Special Trip – Jeju Tour” with 10 mothers of children with severe disabilities from Seoul
  • Establish AJU Welfare Foundation