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Corporate Culture

Make the World a Better Place with Aju

Aju has set root with the founding principle of the Pioneer Spirit and has sustained its strong growth over the years. We are headed toward becoming a 100-year old company where all members realize their dreams and grow together with the company. We practice the Aju Spirit and the Five Core Values in our daily lives with a happy and optimistic attitude. Aju will create a happy company by building the Five Core Values on top of the Aju Spirit of optimism and joy.

Founding Principle

Management philosophy of our founder and foundation of the Aju Spirit.

  • The Pioneer Spirit
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  • The Pioneer Spirit is the management philosophy of our founder Tae Shik Moon and the foundation of the Aju Spirit. Based on the Pioneer Spirit, Aju practices business development that contributes to the nation and society, new value creation through change and innovation, and capacity building for sustainable growth.

Aju Spirit

The spirit of all Aju members.

  • ‘Optimism’

    • Proactive can-do attitude
    • Confidence in self
    • Courage to enjoy the journey
  • ‘Joy’

    • Good attitude enjoying life
    • Joy of being immersed in work
    • Happy virus that makes people happy

Core Values

Value orientation shared among all Aju members.

Talents Yearning for Learning
At Aju, we are motivated to constantly learn and acquire new knowledge, skills and abilities.
With great pride in our organization, we strive to be the best.
Respect with the Warmth Within
Aju fosters a respectful and supportive working environment for its employees,
and aspires to grow as a respected company.
Passion with Action
Considering failure as learning moments, we embrace challenge,
change and do our utmost in every way.
Creative Innovation
We keep our customers at the heart of our business, and drive innovation
through reinventing business processes and changing perspectives.
Growth with Others
Aju is committed to growing together with our employees, shareholders,
and the society as a whole. We make conscious decisions based on ethics and our social responsibility.

Innovation of AJU, "ANT management"

  • AJU New Thinking

    ‘ANT Management' is the abbreviation of AJU New Thinking, which means that AJU's creative and new ideas are gathered to build a more advanced future
    and all the members cooperate like ants (ANT) to achieve a goal (dream, vision).

    호기심 > 질문 > 학습과 연구 > 토론을 통한 집단지성 > 실행

    호기심 > 질문 > 학습과 연구 > 토론을 통한 집단지성 > 실행

    호기심 > 질문 > 학습과 연구 > 토론을 통한 집단지성 > 실행

    호기심 > 질문 > 학습과 연구 > 토론을 통한 집단지성 > 실행

Aju's Corporate Culture Story

"Baking Happiness" - Baking experience for executives in commemoration of 55th Anniversary